Sr. Engineering Manager - Observability


Oct 2022 – Present San Francisco, California

Responsible for Cloudflare’s Observability roadmap, Edge SRE in APJC, and Cloudflare China.

The Observability team is responsible for the systems that enable Cloudflare to quickly identify, troubleshoot, mitigate, and resolve incidents, such as


  • Create new initiatives to collect, store, and democratize access to multiple PBs of telemetry data to enable near real time troubleshooting and incident resolution
  • Prioritize high impact initiative that translate into increased customer satisfaction
  • Source, recruit, and hire top talent (+20% YoY)
  • Enable development and career growth for software engineers
  • Identify Risk and opportunities
  • Contribute to Cloudflare’s technical roadmap
  • Influence through leadership
  • Manager of Managers
  • Advice to senior leadership

Engineering Manager - SRE / Cloudflare China


Jul 2021 – Jun 2023 San Francisco, California

Cloudflare (NYSE: NET) is an Infrastructure and Security company running the fastest network in the world.

The SRE (Edge) team is a globally distributed team that provides innovative solutions to help progress software at Cloudflare.

On this role: - Envision and execution of the Observability charter at Cloudflare - Develop roadmap and planning to support company wide objectives and products - Align cross-functional stakeholders to deliver on high impact projects - Identify KPIs to address common operational challenges - Develop a product oriented mindset for SRE - Recruit and Hire top talent to increase the team capacity by +20% - Performance management, coaching, and mentoring for junior and senior engineers


Angel investor

Sydney Angels

Apr 2021 – May 2023 Sydney, Australia

Empowering australian entrepreneurs.

Active investments:

  • 2021: 2 Active investments
  • 2023: 3 Active investments

Head of Site Reliability Engineering

Apptio, Inc

Dec 2020 – Jul 2021 Sydney, Australia

Spearheaded the implementation of Site Reliability Engineering.

Leading an organization of more than 40 people globally distributed engineers, managers, and program managers across the US, EU, India, and Australia.

Our teams were responsible for the development of our Cloud infrastructure, product reliability, and datacenter operations incl. Fedramp and IRAP environments (SOC2, ISO27001, and FIPS 140-2).

A strategic role leading the teams responsible for the platform roadmap, planning and communicating our migration plans to customers, implemented cross-organization OKRs, and developed modernization plans for our operations.


Sr. Manager, Site Reliability Engineering

Apptio, Inc

Mar 2019 – Dec 2019 Sydney, Australia

Leading a Geo-distributed team, responsible for escalability and reliability of our platform and overseeing the alignment of our teams with the rest of the Products and Engineering organization.

Responsibilities included to scale our team, seek alignment and buy-in for strategic goals, develop strategic roadmaps, set and communicate expectations to our customers, cloud cost management, FinOps. Guided the whole organization through the implementation of cascading OKRs to help build alignment


Manager, Infrastructure Engineering

Apptio, Inc

Feb 2018 – Mar 2019 Sydney, Australia

Joined Apptio as a member of their TechOps team to develop a plan to migrate our products to AWS.

Responsible for team growth, develop migration strategy, team performance, and cross-team communication.


Sr. Site Reliability Engineer


Apr 2016 – Jan 2018 Sydney, Australia

At eBay, I was a member of the team that develop, the largest classified site in Australia.

Set the direction to migrate from a complex monolithic application to microservices and OpenStack

In two years we developed and release more than 70 microservices including key components like our search engine in coordination with teams in Amsteram and Denmark.


Sr. Site Reliability Engineer


Oct 2015 – Apr 2016 Sydney, Australia

The SRE team at Bigcommerce is responsible for the operationalization of the infrastructure that provides service for more than 90,000 customers.

Addressing scalability issues with the Logging architecture and its migration to AWS.


Sr. Site Reliability Engineer


Apr 2015 – Sep 2015 Sydney, Australia

Atlassian is one of the fastest growing technology businesses in the world with 35,000 customers (including NASA and the United Nations), with offices in Sydney, San Francisco, Austin & Amsterdam. Atlassian has been named one of the ‘Best Places to Work’ for the past 3 consecutive years, and has a fantastic reputation for innovation and opportunity.

Our mission was to enable teams to advance humanity through the power of software with web-based applications that help teams to be productive and collaborative.

One of the first SREs at Atlassian, I helped address scalability and observability challenges in their global identity platform running on AWS. Increasing the visibility through the onboarding of Datadog, ELK, and Kibana. I also contributed to the development of an internal Logging platform for their more than 90,000 cloud deployments.


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