2018 reading list

The year is 2018, and a vast number of challenges are ahead of me as I joined a new team as an infrastructure engineering manager.

To overcome such challenges, I felt the need to educate myself on areas which I didn’t develope while I was an IC. Unfortunately, searching topics about management is not as easy as googling “How to install kubernetes on Ubuntu 16.04” or “How to attach to a docker container” so I decided to go old-school. Below, is the list of the books I read in 2018]():

2019 starts strong, I have the following books already on my night table]():

If you think I should be reading a particular book, leave it on the comments or ping me in Twitter. I would love to hear from you.

Rhommel Lamas
Engineering Manager

Rhommel is an Engineering Manager currently working [at] Cloudflare and an Angel Investor [at] Sydney Angels.