That moment when I had to use cash after almost 3 years

For the past three years, I made 100% of my daily payments using Apple Pay. Two weeks ago, I decided that it was time to sell my Bradley 4 rack smoker on Gumtree and my journey started.

The buyer came home, we plugged the smoker to see that everything worked properly, he made the payment in cash, and he took it.

For over the years I’ve been intrigged on how easy it is for human beings to get “rusty” on acquired skills when we stop using them regularly. For example, your role changes at your company and after a year you have to go back and re-learn how things work because you just forgot.

It is fascinating to me how we learn and master a discipline for years, however, when they stop being useful our brain automatically sets it aside. I’ve been using cash on daily basis for more than 29 years, yet the feeling of counting bills made me feel weird, I was slow at counting bills, and the whole process felt unnatural the first day.

If like me, you have transitioned to a leadership role this will happen often to you. Don’t panic, just remember, knowledge is there we just need to rebuild the links so our brain can access them.

Rhommel Lamas
Engineering Manager

Rhommel is an Engineering Manager currently working [at] Cloudflare and an Angel Investor [at] Sydney Angels.