Coffee: My Setup

Home espresso is one of the most interesting hobbies, it requires great ingredients and consistent technique 😁

Before getting interested in Coffee, I was very devoted to brewing Tea for about 5-8 years. Throughout that time I did a lot of experiments, I learned about the different types of teas, brewing techniques, how it is grown, brewed, and its benefit human health.

I am still very passionate about the topic and I’ve managed to get other people hooked into it, although I must say not a tea drinker these days.

In 2015, when I moved to Australia I began to get interested in coffee. Similar to what happened with Tea, I started to research beans, roasters, brewing techniques, and also to experiment.

I remember that seeing all these coffee shops and the variety in roasters available in Australia was very interesting. It triggered my curiosity and now I have a few weekly subscriptions going so I can try coffee from all over the world, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Rwanda, and so on.

I discovered that Coffee and Tea are very incredible worlds and surprisingly they have some overlap, for example, to make a great cup of coffee or tea we require three things, great ingredients, consistent processes, good equipment.

Over the past seven years I pulled more than 3,000 coffees, this has allowed me to slowly test and develop my technique and also evolve my equipment. I started with a small single boiler Breville which served me for many years and ended up with the equipment mentioned below:

I also started to write down the names of the coffee roasters in Australia where I sourced coffee beans. The goal is to continue expanding on the information of this sheet and share it with people that share the same interest.

Happy brewing.

Rhommel Lamas
Engineering Manager

Rhommel is an Engineering Manager currently working [at] Cloudflare and an Angel Investor [at] Sydney Angels.